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Silver Vase


Life and color


Silver Vase

A 31 years old company, known as the most innovative orchid and bromeliads in USA.



In the most important flower trade-shows in the United States.


+15 years

We have partnered with this brand for more than 15 years.

Life and brand.

Diper has been responsible for strengthening the commercial image of Silver Vase in different shows around the US, receiving many awards for Best Design.

In 2019 we suggested Silver Vase to create a new image to tell their story. The result: an eye-catching space, filled with colors, shapes and environments that recreate the special spaces where orchids are displayed at home. Every single element in the booth serves a purpose. The “Lifecycle of a bloom” is the concept used by Silver Vase to tell the story of its beginnings as a company, its workers and each process they perform, until the final result: an orchid or an bromeliad.


The lifecycle of the bloom


The secret

To understand the client, the product, the market and the customer, and use the best possible communication to achieve the best results.

Our creative strategy.

Before designing we study, learn and understand. We create concepts.



We design the concept, create the experience, install the moment.

A complete process.

We are with our client from the first moment, we string along in the creation of concept, the materialization ideas and the execution of the experience.


Living experiences

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Living experiences

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