The secret to a good experience

We want to introduce our method

Knowing the environment, we discover the road.

Our creatives and experts will design the best strategy to exhibit your brand. We study the environment, we understand the requirements and we create experiences that generate memories in your clients.


innovative ideas.


A qualified team.

We break the silence


We make sure our client’s brands won’t go unnoticed, we create their voices.

We are experts

More than 30 years creating experiences and supporting our customer’s growth from the exhibition of their products and services.

Whole service

Experiences create memories, that’s why we build history.


Diper at IFES

We were at the IFES World Summit in Greece. The event was held between June 26 and 28, 2019 in Athens..


What we do

We understand the brand's needs and characteristics , its environment and its customers. That way we are able to design the best experience at the exhibitions, spaces and specific moments.


solid and structured

We have designed an exclusive method, a structured creative process for our clients, seeking to generate the best result in spatial communication, exhibition and brand visualization.

Our experience

Creativity is our work's core.


Some experiences.​​

Memories of some of our worldwide works.

Silver Vase

360° experiences


360° experiences, Brand activations, Sale points, Stands


360° experiences, Stands


360° experiences, Brand activations, Stands

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