Inspired by our client’s needs and by the importance of a positive representation of any given brand, Diper’s design and architecture team focus their efforts in developing exhibition spaces that are functional and aesthetics at the same time, allowing our client to successfully promote their brands.


Our Design team is known for its ability to use their creativity on innovative designs, highlighting the client’s message and paying careful attention to every detail of the whole project. And that is what ensures a successful experience from the moment the show opens.


Over 30 years of experience and a highly trained human resource give us the power to develop our client’s projects in a satisfactory and efficient manner. That, plus a specialized Design and Control process, are the foundation for a brand exhibition strategy that makes our projects stand out.


We use the latest versions of the most powerful software in Digital Image, as AutoCad, 3D Max Studio, Photoshop and Sketchup, as well as all Virtual languages with the highest design technology.


A committed team, achieving the best results and acknowledgments worldwide. Our company’s best asset is our best people, dedicated to the best clients.


The secret to a great experience

We want to present our Method

Design translated into a memorable experience

A creative process that builds up the brand’s lenguage, inspired by ideas, concepts and experiences, that creates memories from the experiences of customers.


The source of our creativity


Design as an element of communication


Innovative projects that explore the brand’s essence.


Designs with authentic personality and expressiveness.

We understand

Reading and becoming part of the brief from the brand’s DNA.

They say


What we do

We understand the brand's needs and characteristics , its environment and its customers. That way we are able to design the best experience at the exhibitions, spaces and specific moments.


solid and structured

We have designed an exclusive method, a structured creative process for our clients, seeking to generate the best result in spatial communication, exhibition and brand visualization.

Our experience

Creativity is our work's core.


Some experiences.

Memories of some of our worldwide works.


360° experiences, Sale points


360° experiences, Stands


Company events


360° experiences, Company events, Stands

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