Diper is now green

At Diper we have always worried about the health of our planet, we are green! That is why we have started our recycling program in all our plants and offices.

Both our designers and our engineers and producers now seek to reuse materials in our product development program for fairs and exhibitions, brand activations, architecture of commercial spaces and, in general, for all our projects.

These are some of the materials that we have linked in our ecological program:

  1. Sintra.
  2. Carpet.
  3. Fabric graphics.
  4. Cardboard rolls.
  5. Floor Vynil.
  6. Cardboar.
  7. Padding.
  8. Paint and thinner shafts.
  9. Office letter paper.
  10. Spray cans.

We will continue to strengthen our program to expand its coverage to the vast majority of materials that we use in the materialization of our designs.